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Store your earrings effectively for each day of Travel…..How?

Travel is not a hobby anymore but a lifestyle. We all travel to explore the world and experience every bit of it. But hey, travel today is quite different than it used to be a decade ago.

Today, we love to create beautiful instagram reels and facebook posts to let the world know, how the experience is. And when it comes to social media and presenting yourself on screen, in one or the other way, first concern point is look. We want to look different, stylish yet elegant, modern yet simple, while presenting ourselves on screen.

Earrings being a minimum and must have accessory for every travel woman, let’s consider few points about how the earrings can be taken care in more organized manner, while traveling…

  • Index Cards – Index cards are straight forward and effective way of storing earrings in right way. You just poke the earrings in the card and close the back. You can store all those earrings index cards in a travel towel to prevent earrings scratching on other clothes.

earrings stored on index cards

  • Pill case – My personal favorite way to keep earrings organized. I go even one step ahead and mark the pill case with day and put the relevant earrings in the box and voila, I know, I will be ready within 10 minutes on a given day.

  • Travel Jewelry case – Specifically designed to effectively store earrings and other accessories, this jewelry cases are very helpful in avoiding tangling, scratching and being misplaced of earrings.




So are you ready to travel with all those favorite hoops and dangles?
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photo credit : google.com