How your Earrings talk about you?

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How your Earrings talk about you?

At Earringsly, we always believed and claimed that Earrings define personality. And we are here with the answer of HOW.
 What type of earrings you select says your mood and characteristics.

 Hoops Lover?

 Just like the shape of your beautiful hoops -
  1. You are a social animal with lots of friends and love meeting new people.
  2. You are always open for new opportunities and experiences.
  3. You are center of attraction in every party or gathering as you love to talk

Dangles Fan?

The way dangles are not average –
  1. You are unique but not extreme, for sure.
  2. You love colors, art, creativity and nature.
  3. You enjoy little things in life just like those small colorful beads in your dangles and work hard to cherish those colors of life.

Studs Devotee?

Just like those simple studs –
  1. You are no fuss personality
  2. Your choice for studs conveys your athletic personality and healthy lifestyle.
  3. You understand your power of having multiple flair of personalities and you make sure to turn on the right one on time.
Of course, all of us love to try different types of earrings as per the occasion, mood and surrounding at different points in life and that makes us mixture of everything.
We hope you could resonate some with your earrings-sign above.
And whatever your personality is, don’t forget to visit our store where you will be able to find unique earrings to make you stand in crowd.