Earringsly: The Earrings Business Journey

Earrings business, is it worth it for Earringsly? It is! And here’s our journey…

Earringsly started in May 2020 during the start of the pandemic lockdown. At first, it was really challenging — looking for customers, looking for the right products, looking for the best marketing platforms, and looking for the brightest people to partner with.

Starting a Business is Not Easy

Starting a business is already challenging from a financial to an emotional standpoint. At first, you are excited about planning everything — from the name, the products or service you want to offer, the pricing, and to everything in between.

In the process, you might find yourself doubting your abilities to jumpstart a business and if you can commit to this journey and be the best version of yourself. And starting an online business doesn't mean you have a special pass. You will still feel anxious about how you can grow your business. And that's okay. That's normal.

Every business owner started from the bottom. But only those who can commit and have the right mindset can achieve their goal.

Why Earrings Business?

We believe that earrings are not just small jewelry that hangs on your ears. It is a reflection of who you are and represents your character.

Earringsly trust in the power of beauty in fashion. The foundation of every women’s reason for standing straight is a proud and confident woman. We emphasized enhancing your days with confidence by giving you maximum elegance and glamour.

We believe that women should never go without earrings!

If you need earrings that will match you and your outfit, look no further than the selection we have here at Earringsly. Browse our shop and find the perfect earrings for you!