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Earrings: How to Glam Up Your Everyday Look

Earrings are small, but they can finish up your everyday look. Your jewelry box is an extension of who you are. Depending on your daily mood, it is a character setter and a vibe attractor.
Glamming your everyday look can be difficult. Don't worry. Here are a few tips on how you rock those earrings with your outfit.

Match your Earrings with the Pattern

When picking the color and style of earrings, you can choose and match them with the pattern you have on your clothes. Just like in the image below.
Her dress has a lot of colors, and picking from one of those colors will help you decide which earrings to match. It's a perfect way on how you enhance your overall outfit.

Compliments your Skin Tone

Another tip that can help you is knowing your skin tone. Any jewelry is not only matched with your outfit. It should also compliment your skin tone.
For cool skin tones, silver, platinum, and even white gold will flatter your skin shade. You can also add a classic white pearl and diamonds to enhance it. For other complementary colors, you can choose between pinks, blues, or even magenta.
For warmer tones, brass, copper, and gold are your go-to metals. You can also wear coral or golden pearl colors to match your metals. Earthy shades like browns, greens, yellow, and turquoise colors are a popular choice.

Match it All the Way

You can never go wrong when matching the color of your outfit to your earrings. It's perfect for a monochromatic look. For stripes or plaid outfit style or a plain color wardrobe, this is the best way to compliment your OOTD.
And lastly, behind every successful woman is herself. Feel what you wear and wear what you feel, self-conviction and feeling yourself is the key to glam up your everyday look.
"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." Coco Chanel
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