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4 Ways to Style Drop Earrings

4 Ways to Style Drop Earrings

Drop earrings have always been every woman's go-to accessory to achieve a more feminine and sexy look. These fine, delicate pieces are often part of ensembles worn for more formal occasions. But is this the only way to go? Today, we will give you some pointers on how you can wear danglers for any occasion.

Maybe you have a collection of earrings, and you are thinking of ways on how you can showcase them other than occasions that call for that more formal get-up. Here we have some points to consider so you can show off those danglers more often.

Sport Drop Earrings That Match Your Face Shape

Choose shorter and rounder earrings for long faces. Long earrings would be best for round faces. And for women with heart-shaped faces, teardrop danglers would be your perfect bet.

Give an Extra Touch of Color

Spice up your plain outfits by mixing and matching them with colorful danglers.

Consider the Occasion

The Professional Look. Make your professional attire look more elegant by wearing drop earrings. In choosing that perfect pair for work, the key is to go with something fashionable yet subtle.

The Casual Look. Soften that casual look with a pair of danglers. Match your jeans and top with the perfect pair of danglers to get a more sophisticated look.

The Street Style Look. If you are more outgoing and experimental, you can achieve a more street style or bohemian look by wearing a nice pair of danglers. Tassel earrings are perfect for this.

Add a New Dimension to Your Look

Geometric earrings can provide a new angle to your look. Whether it is round, triangular, or polygonal in shape, these pieces can add a fresh look to your outfits.

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