Why you need to have new earrings for each day of the week?

Women’s love for jewelry is as old as human evolution. Women are proud to carry different designer jewelries gracefully. From the era of queens to the time of minimalist woman traveler, the fondness for jewelry has been just multifolded.

From Blue mood of Monday mornings to fun evenings of Sunday, everyday is different and comes with different opportunities, moods, setbacks, disappointments and joy. And to match all of it, jewelry of everyday should be different too.

There is one accessory, every woman like and make sure to have, even for that minimalist look and that is earrings. Earrings define woman’s personality and therefore choosing right earrings definitely makes a huge difference. From gold earrings to diamond earrings and from handmade to machine made, from studs to dangles and from mono color to colorful, earrings are available in every shape and size and today’s woman can never be out of option, when it comes to earrings.

At earringsly, we strongly suggest to stake up your earrings for week in advance, the way you do your dresses. And here is what we suggest for your Monday to Sunday pairing ideas –



Monday –

Cube Crystal studs as Sunday hangover continues and mind denies to accept the fact the week has already been started.

Tuesday –

Colorful butterfly hoops as mood at work is taking over and you are ready to show your girl power in meetings

Wednesday –

Rose Flower Stylish earrings to match up with the commitment and determinations your presence brings at work.

Thursday -

Tassel Flower Daisy earrings as its already Thursday and weekend is already knocking.

Friday –

Bohemian Vintage Leaf Dangles to match your Friday mood to catch up with friends.

Saturday –

Queen Yellow Cubic Dangles to show your relax mood and make that date night bright and shiny.

Sunday –

Stylish Heart Geometric Drops to charm people while you are out for shopping or meeting loved ones.


So go ahead and pick your favorites for the week.

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