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Which earrings to wear on your date night?

Date nights are special. In simple words, as we all understand, date night is an occasion when two people who are married, or who have been in a relationship for a long/short time, go out together in the evening to enjoy themselves.

Those evenings aka date nights are special for both individuals as the time away from the chaos of world gives an opportunity to understand each other better, talk and listen to each other and have the love flame alive. The date night is expected to be a little show off as looking good and carrying yourself gracefully can turn the table around. Your off shoulder mini dress might remind him of your older golden days and you both might feel falling in love again…

Jewelry plays an important role when it comes to date night as you don’t want to overdo but at the same time, you don’t want to appear raw and bear skin. We asked females about their favorite jewelry piece for date night and we were surprised to see that 95% of the females thought it as a pair of earrings.

Here are few simple tips to pair up right earrings with your outfits or mood or other jewelry.

  • Studs are routine but charming. They make you confident. They show your minimalism attitude and at the same time your taste for smallest things. No matter how anxious or excited you are, studs will balance your jaw line and will shine bright with your smile.


  • Danglers make an outfit luxe. As your face gets attention with danglers, they are perfect for date nights. A bold pair of danglers, with bright color and contrast will not allow your date to be distracted. Just tingle them while talking and you know what’s coming next.


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Happy dating….