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Stud or Dangle Earrings: Which Earring is the Best?

Stud or Dangle Earrings: Which Earring is the Best?

Women have turned to earrings to complete their look for any given occasion. Be it a formal event or just a casual meet-up, women have relied on earrings as a nice finish to their ensemble. That said, knowing how to pick that perfect pair is essential as it can mean the difference between success and fashion disaster.

But with a wide variety of styles to choose from, how do you decide on which pair to choose. Today, we will compare two of the more popular types and decide which is better, stud or dangle earrings. But first, let us differentiate the two.

Stud Or Dangles Earrings: What's The Difference

Studs are usually made with gemstones that rest on the earlobes held in place by a post instead of a hook. On the other hand, Danglers are usually charms of gemstones, pearls, and other similar materials that are hooked and dangle by the earlobes, hence, the name.

Take Your Pick

Knowing the difference between studs and danglers, how do you now choose which pair will suit your outfit best?

Here are some factors to consider :

  • Face Shape - Long face would be better balanced out with short studs while a rounder shape would be better accentuated by long danglers.
  • Hairstyles - A casual look can easily be finished with simple studs while a formal look may require a more dainty and feminine drop earrings.
  • Occasion - Same as above, danglers would be more appropriate for formal get togethers that require dressing up while studs would be the better choice for the more casual day-to-day activities.

At the end of the day, both stud or dangle earrings can add their own special touch and having both pairs on hand can be a great way of having yourself ready for any occasion that may come.

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